Test your understanding of the text
1. What does Michael say about the way accounts are kept in their theatre?
– they are kept very well
– they are kept in the same way as in other theatres
– they are in mess
2. What does Michael mean by the phrase “the way some of those firms in the city
keep their accounts is enough to turn your hair grey”?
– some firms manage to keep their accounts in amazing order
– accounts at some firms are in an awful mess
– some firms pay severe penalties for disorder in their accounts
3. Julia believes that Michael’s secretary knew him “inside and out”?
– she does not know him at all
– she is his lover
– she knows him very well
4. What does the word “one” stand for in the sentence below?
“but I can tell you it was a very different play we produced from the one the author
submitted to us”.
– play
– author
– theatre
5. What word(s) could you use instead of “I dare say” in the sentence below?
“If you’re very nice to Julia I dare say she’ll give you a photograph of herself when
you go”.
– I have courage to say
– I’m afraid to say
– I expect
6. Looking at the young man’s hair Julia wished he “made the most of it”. What
should he have done to his hair to make it look more attractive to Julia?
– had it cut short
– had it dyed
– had arranged it so as to show its beauty
7. What does “but” mean in the following sentence?
“I take care never to do anything but what I can do”.
– unless
– except
– and
8. Julia was known for her “velvet look”. What kind of look is that?
– piercing
– soft
– frightening
9. The author says that Jimmie Langton looked like one of Ruben’s prosperous
burghers. How should we picture him?
– lean
– robust
– businesslike
10. What is the function of “would” in the sentence below?
“He would skip about the stage on one leg...”
– it denotes the character’s typical behaviour
– it is a part of the Future-in-the-Past form
– it shows an unreal action
11. The author characterizes Jane Taitbout as “a stagy actress”. What does he
– that Jane was a talented actress
– that Jane had a great experience of acting
– that Jane’s acting was unnatural
12. Jimmie Langton said that Julia had “an indiarubber face”. What do you think
that means?
– her face could show any feeling or emotion
– her face was not particularly attractive
– she had dark complexion
13. In talking to Julia Jimmie Langton says 2Now let’s come down to brass tacks”.
Does he mean that they should
– go to the races
– talk about the facts which are of fundamental importance?
– Go and listen to the brass orchestra?
14. When Michael says: “Bricks without straw; that’s what we actors are expected
to make nowadays”, does he mean that actors are expected to
– do a good job without the necessary materials?
– go into the construction industry?
– make a mess of their professional activity?