Terrorist Attack in Paris, France
The recent Paris attack is very devastating and makes becomes fearful. I am very mournful for the family members, and I can only imagine how devastating it must be to loose a person knowing they were an innocent victim to an attack. When this occurred I felt horrendous because these people were innocent who were just living everyday life. Maybe some of these victims were parents, young children, grandparents, tourist, outstanding citizens, and so on. They will unfortunately never be able to enjoy living the rest of their lives knowing what it could have been. Or watch their children grow up, and be there for all of their life milestones.
One of the reasons why I am fearful is because there, maybe other arrangements for an attack, and possibly the United States. No one will ever know unfortunately until the day comes which makes it aggravating. Myself personally I travel quite frequently to visit my family, and vise versa. It is heart breaking to even think what if myself, or someone I know is at the wrong place at the wrong time? I will currently be traveling during this holiday season, and I have apprehension if it is safe.
One of the celebrities who spoke out at her recent concert was Madonna. In the middle of her concert, she made a speech to pay her respects for the victims and their families. She was considering canceling her show, and was unsure if it would be safe to continue. She also thought that we all should live our lives, and we should not live in fear to terrorism. I thought it took a lot of courage and bravery to say something like that, and she made a very valid point. This reminded me back to when the movie "The Interview" was released last year. It was a whimsical film about assassinating the dictator, North Korea\'s Kim Jon Un. Before the film hit its release date to theatres, the United States received a threat from North Korea. Due to this threat they decided to pull the film from all theatres entirely. My reaction was why should we the United States back down from terrorism? Eventually the film was re-released into theatres nation wide. I believed that should have been done from the beginning. I find this a similar situation to what Madonna was trying to express at her concert.
My personal opinion is I wish that President Obama would take more of an action to do something with Isis. It should be put to a halt with terrorism, before another devastating attack happens.