Teens Nowadays
As the society changes, the pastime choices of children tend to become different.. The traditional things like going outside, are no longer an interest to technology-oriented teens.. Modern teens are fascinated with the social media and computers. While there is nothing wrong with a social life, the pastime of modern teens makes them socially isolated, indolent, and to devoted to technology.
Many teens are focused on what happens on social media while 20 years ago people were more active in society. Today teens spend more time sitting in front of the computer instead of going to spend time with their friends. They become too lazy to even look for a job to support their family. For example I see many of my younger relatives who sit around and do not work and provide help for their family. Instead they sit around going to friends houses and walking around on the newest iphone when they are old enough to get a job. I do understand their can be circumstances to some people's situations but others can get out and get a job. Teens fail to interact with others as they play video games for hours and they can't even focus on passing their classes at school. If the world was not so technologically-oriented than teens could get out and be more social. Sooner or later the next generations won't be able to get out and be social because they will be to caught up in their video games or cell phones.
Secondly, modern teens spend their time technological devices rather than doing something helpful. The exposure to technology contributes to high level of inactivity of modern teens. Parents controlled the pastime of their children more in the late 1900's. Teens got out and helped their family with yard work and cleaning instead of sitting in front of a television. Nowadays many teens are getting their driving licences but they do not bother to go out and do something useful like getting a job. Teens rather go to a basketball game than go help out someone at a thrift shop. If teens were less focused on what's happening on social media and playing games they would be more active in life;They would be more socially active.
Finally, the pastime choices of modern teens slow down their development. Despite of the opinion that today's teens are smarter because they have computers, the truth is that 20 years ago teens were more active in society. Today, on the contrary, teens suffer from social isolation so, the inppropriate control of the pastime choices of modern adolescents makes them victims of the technological progress. The financial instability leads to the situations when parents cannot devote sufficient attention to their children. Rich families, on the other side, are likely to surround their children with technology-based toys thus contributing to further social isolation.
In conclusion, the differences in pastime choices of modern teens, 20 years ago are not in favor of the today's young persons. Addiction to video games and uncontrollable exposure to social makes modern adolescents less active and socially isolated. Only 20 years ago teens were more active and friendly because they were actually socializing with friends and interacting with others in person. Computers and cellphones were not available while today they are everywhere. As the comparison reveals, lives of teens about 20 years ago were not dictated by technological advances while interaction with others was valued. Modern adolescents, on the other side, are just starting a trend of indolent generations to come.