or your seventh discussion board topic, you will need to watch the video “Don’t Blame Teachers’ Unions for Our Failing Schools: A Debate,” which can be found in the required learning materials in the Learning Activities folder for Class Session 11.
Click on the Discussion Board link above and respond to the following:
• After watching the debate, do you believe that Teachers’ Unions are part of the problem in education? Why or why not? Provide examples to support your position.
For this discussion, you may want to focus on the following key concepts in the course:

After carefully watching the debate on the article” Don’t Blame Teacher’s Unions for Our Failing Schools” , I do believe that Teachers’ Unions are part of the problem in education. Within an union, they are under leadership where they supposed to protect its members. Teachers union are certainly supposed to determine to educating student, epesically in big cities. I do believe that there are teachers out there. However, there are some teachers who are considered to be conservative in personal views. Teachers are seem to be recognized as a blame for society’s problems. It is uncertainly not the teachers fault that kids behave the way they choose, or their parents support them when they are in wrong situation. There are parents who actually do not teach their kids about discipline or even bother to educated the; some parents just allowing their kids to hang out at home and not learning anything. When kids not being actively engage to expand their knowledge it creates problems in the long run. That is why some students who are in high school are only able to read at a lower level that they are supposed to. The problems in education equality are the same problems in society, which is considered to be very challenges to correct these problems in education as it is in society.
Also, the Union are considered to be these people who hold great power in terms of making choices and decision to better situation even protecting its members. They are responsible for protecting jobs and wages is what unions were established to do, helping secure the employment and interest of others.

I do not think that teachers are not completely the reason why schools are failing , but I do think do play a factor in school failing.
To put into perspective, people cannot simply blame the teachers union for the outcome of failing school. We must put other possible factors into the equation as well. There are other things that contributed to the result of the outcome. For example, we must take into account of students’ background that they are enrolled in the failing schools. Every student background contains evidence in which some students may performed poorly or successfully. For some reason parents are not providing with the proper resources and other traits that contribute to school to ensure that their kids are successful. I know for sure that parents of students are partially blame for the failing schools
In terms of parents, we must also recognized the environment where the schools are located. If a student is in a type of area where violence and drug and other malevolent activities impacts the students success as well. Perhaps parents enroll their kids in an environment that is not considered to be effective or suitable for an excellent education. Every school has different curriculum-some are challenging, average, easy or not just adequate for a good education that a child can receive to take along in college or any career path.
The teachers unions contributes to failing school as much as the parents. Teachers are supposed to provide students with a good education. However, some teachers simply do not care about whether r or not the student learn to get their education, but more concern about their bi-weekly paycheck. The notion of teachers’ mindset affects complications that correlate with students learning abilities. Teachers especially thinks that students who come from low-income communites do not want an education. Maybe teacher way of thinking is because of student past behavior or background stratus.
After all, I do not think everyone contribute wholly to failing school, but everyone contributes to the outcome of failing schools.