Switching schools

Changing schools is difficult for anyone. Especially when someone is half way through high school and is leaving all of his childhood friends behind. I?m not a very social person unless I?m with people that I?m comfortable with. When I moved schools it was one of the hardest things I ever did.
The first two years of high school were incredible. I was having fun with my friends, having a good time and just being young. We would hang out after school play video games; sometimes we would take cracks at each other. For example we would make fun of each other because I?m a Raiders fan and most of my friends are 49ers fans. Other times when somebody in my group of friends was single we would find random girls for them to date. It wasn?t always a plan to move schools mid-way through high school it just happened. I had always thought I was going to graduate with my childhood friends. The hardest part about this whole experience was leaving my life behind and starting a whole new one.
When I first got to Oakmont I didn?t know anyone except for my brother and sister. But nobody hangs out with their siblings unless they?re at home. I was alone for a while, I was real quiet I kept to myself. I did talk to people but I couldn?t call them my friends. People would even try to start conversations with me but I would just be shy and I wouldn?t talk much. Per example this girl started talking about one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who, but I was too shy to say anything back to her. It was then I realized I needed to come out of my shell and be social and force myself to talk to people as weird as it sounds. I learned to be more social with people.
Now I?m a senior I may not be graduating with my childhood friends but I?m graduating with my Oakmont friends and that?s ok. Do I wish I had stayed at Foothill? When I think about it sometimes I think I would?ve been happier. But then I think of all the friends and experiences I have had and that makes it okay. All in all it was a good run and I wouldn?t change anything about it.