Summary "The Pursuit of Happiness"
In "The Pursuit of Happiness", an article published in CBC News Online on April 23, 2014, Eve Savory points out people can encourage positive human qualities by meditation in order to happiness. Savory supports her thesis by 3 steps. First step, Savory describes a research of brain in ordinary people. As a result, happiness increase activity on the left side of brain but sadness is on the right side. After that, Savory shows that using brain scanner to analysis monks while they are meditating. The consequence is the monks can reduce stress and brain activity can be move from right to left through meditation. Finally, Savory states that a biotech company do a research is let ordinary people learn meditation and see to reaction. They got that the meditator's brain have the same reaction with monks and meditation can improve health by improving immunity system. All in all, Savory believes that mediation is one way to change people's emotion to close happiness and make people better.