Summary of Carrie

English Summary.

A Summary of Carrie.

So far they have brought you into the beginning of how it all started. Carrie just had her first period at the age of seventeen and they tell you about how people bully her and who is on top and who is not. They brought a lot of characters into light like Sue, Chris and Ms. Desjardin, and a little on who they may become as the story goes along. The story shows you how evil Carrie?s mother is and how Carrie has been treated at home as a little child to a teenager. Carrie?s is also using her powers to hurt and to scare like when she makes a kid fall off his bike or when she tells her mom she will make the rocks come back.

A Paraphrase

On page 49 about half way down, Sue and her boyfriend Tommy are talking about the past when Tommy kicked a kid while he was down and how Sue feels bad about what she said.
In the passage, what I got from it was that Sue feels bad for what she did to Carrie and wants some reason to apologize to her. Tommy tells his story to her and states that he did not apologize for what he did because he had a good reason to do it. He also tells Sue that she did not have a good reason for doing what she did because Carrie never did anything to her.