Summary: Henry McNeal Turner
Turner Says that slavery already existed in Africa. "They bought us out of a slavery that still exists over a large portion of that continent....Thus the superior African sent us, and the white man brought us."
In slavery "we remained as long it was necessary to learn that God made the world and controls it." Suggests it was God's plan to bring Africans to the New World to expose them to Christianity.
Turner's main argument :"There is no manhood in the future of the US for the negro."
"black students educated by white people have no respect for people their color." ex: Everything that is black is satanic, corrupt, and what constitute virtues, purity and innocence is white".
How would they go back to Africa? At the Federal Government's expense . Per turner, that amount wouldn't be close to the amount of money produced by slaves (since they labored for nothing).

Analysis : Questions & Opinions
Why did Turner focus on Africa so much?
I agree when Turner stated "a revolution is inevitable". That true and its definitely inevitable in an oppressive society.
"While in this country ,so many of us are killed, that dead bodies hanging to some tree limb and pierced with bullets are so common that they are regarded as current events". That ties in what goes on today in our society.
Why won't book-learning make us great people?
Was turner racist?