Summary (4)
Page 7-52
The story Lord of the flies by William Godling started with two boys name ralph and And piggy. They are both deserted on an island by after their plane crashing. As they walked by the island they found a conch and ralph decided to blow it, it made a loud noise and soon after they notice they had found the rest of the other boys that were also lost. Ralph and piggy decided to introduce themselfs to the other crew and they stood together as a team. Ralph and Jack started to explore the island. Jack wanted to go hunting while Ralph wants to make shelters. Both of them argue, but there are some boys that arent very helpful and useless.
page 53-102
The crew of Jack went hunting for food while ralph made a fire with piggy\'s glasses. Jack and his crew found a pig and murded him to eat. One of the boys put out the fire. Due to that ralph couldn\'t make a signal to call the ship that was approuching wich then left to another direction. Everyone was pissed about the fire. Jack and piggy fought and piggy\'s glass lens broke. Later that day the boys mentioned a Beastie and what it was. Some say they hear it at night. Piggy and the twins saw the beast one day after. Noone believed them, soon after all of them went to hunt for it. The little boys need protection so Piggy Stood by them.
page 103-152
Ralph and Jack found unsual things. They found rocks and furniture. They saw a table and kept walking towards something that seem like mountains. They saw a pig on their way and decide to go hunt for more. Since it started to get dark Ralph decided to hunt the beast in the morning the next day. Moments later they find the beast and run back to their base. They all argue about what to do next. Jack and simon ran away. As for Simon\'s luck he found the Beast but he fell down and lost consciousness. Simon then awakens with dry blood on his chin and mouth and heads toward Jacks Feast to tell them what he had seen. Piggy and Ralphgo to the feast to keep control. It starts to rain, Ralph asks Jack how he plans to get cover from the storm considering he has not built any shelters. Jack Hopes that a hunting dance will calm the rain and asks his tribe to dance. A shadowy figure approach them from the forest, it was Simon. The boys didnt recognize him and said he was the Beast. Shouting that he is the beast the boys attack Simon and start to tear him apart with their hands and teeth. Simon tries desperatly to explain what has happened to him and tell them who he is, but he trips and falls down the boys violently fall on him and kill him.
page 153-202
Piggy cant confront Simon\'s death and attributes the tradegy to an accident. Ralph, laughing hysterically, insist that they have done a murder. At Castle Rock, Jack has absolute power. The boys are punish for no reason. Jack believes that Simon was the beast. Ralph and Jack get into a fight and many rocks start to fall, a monstrous red thing strikes by Piggy and makes him fall off the mountainside and dies. Jack persuade Eric and Sam to guard the entrance of caslte rock and to join his group. Ralph heads to the forest. Ralph is shocked about what just happen. Ralph sneaks to castle rock and finds Eric and Sam , but all they can do is give Ralph food all of a sudden, Ralph looks up and see\'s a Naval Officer standing next to him. The officer says his Navy has come to this island after seeing the Fire.