Success and wealth

1st period English


Mrs. Whelm

Success and wealth can always lead to an American dream for example, working hard setting

yourself some goals that would lead you to something big in your life, something that you would

have to struggle and face hard times to reach that dream that you always wanted. Wealth will

come in handy as you work hard and fight for what you want as you push yourself to reach that

goal like how Gatsby did for example, he was a brave man that went through difficult times. He

was also poor but work hard and became a very wealthy person. Doesnít matter if your rich and

An American dream can be anything like how Gatsby was in love with daisy for example,

Gatsby dream was to have daisy by him side. He look at her as a beautiful person. Daisy meant a

lot to Gatsby for example, at the end of the chapters Gatsby hid the car that daisy hit when she

hit Myrtle with it and Gatsby didnít say a word to anybody. This approve that Gatsby show his

love for daisy that if itís a good or a bad thing he going to be there for her. All what Gatsby

wants is daisy he wants to be with her and be happy like how it shows in the book when they

first see each other and how they react. After all those years that they been separate. Love can be

a dream too for those who want it in there lives. A dream can be anything big or small doesnít

Wealthy is what everybody works for and maybe imagen about it or maybe money is what

people have in mind donít think about something else besides money but donít have goals and

donít work for it but they just get what they want for example, Daisy may or may not have an

American dream but she a person that likes riches and maybe have money on her mind. We all

want to be wealthy and buy expensive things. Things that we never had in our lives. That why

we got to work for it and be successful in life willing to move forward taking a few steps to that

The great Gatsby is like the American dream where a poor person becomes wealthy and falls in

love which that symbolize to him for example, in the book of ďThe Great Gatsby ď Gatsby father

said ďhe knew he had a big future in front of him..(pg.181). this meant for Gatsby how he

struggle with his life being poor but he work hard and knew that he was going to have a bright

future. The American dream can also have a symbol not just a dream but a meaning of a symbol

for example; daisy is the symbol because Tom and Gatsby wore fighting over her love of who

she loved and who she didnít. The American dream is full of meanings, achievement, and other

Great things come to those who wait patiently for example; Gatsby started off by have nothing

by having a little bit of things of what he had being poor. He struggle like when he went to war

but later he became wealthy men because of his hard working person that he was. When you do

the right choices in your life and you have a bright future in front of you great things will come

to you but that takes courage and strength to get to that spot that you want to be. You got to

believe in yourself that you will have that dream in your hands and great things will come.