Chase Payne Payne 1

English 1000
27 Sept, 2015
Students are their own best teachers. Agree or disagree? In my opinion I do believe that
students are their own best teachers. No matter if it's cooking kraft dinner or driving a standard
vehicle, sure somebody can show you how to do it but itís ultimately up to yourself to practice
and develop those skills.
In the very beginning of human life when there was no society like today or
industrialization just men and women adapting to their surroundings, how do you think the first
fire got started? There wasnít a manual or internet to look up and see how it was done,
men/women had to go through trial and error until they figured out how to make a fire. Obviously
todayís society is very different from those days but the fact that students have to learn for
themselves isnít. Yes a teacher can show you a million different things a million different times,
but if the student doesnít take this knowledge and apply themselves then how will they ever learn
anything? For example say a student was in a math class and the teacher was showing the class
how to add, just simple addition like 1+1 or 3+3. Then the student gets assigned homework and
doesn't do it, then comes back to class the next day and there is a quiz on what was suppose to be
done for homework and fails because he didnít practice even though the teacher showed him how
to do it. Students are their own best teachers can apply to more things than just the school or
university settings, it can apply to almost anything in life that could require teachings. Only the
student knows their own ability, in saying this no matter how many teachings the student has it is
Payne 2
up to the student to put in the work and get the job done. ďA teacher is never a giver of truth; he is
a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himselfĒ this is a quote from Bruce
Lee an iconic martial arts teacher, who has had his share of students.
Students are their own best teachers in the way that they learn from their own
experiences. If you do something over and over again and keep getting the same results then after
awhile you will realize that there is something that needs to be changed. An example of this is if
you were in a kitchen and your mother or father was using the stove and you decide it would be a
smart idea to touch the stove. Soon after touching the stove you are suddenly overtaken with pain,
from this experience you know that next time somebody is using the stove you will keep your
hands far away. There is no way to teach everything, some things you learn from experience and
what you do with this knowledge is up to yourself. There are things in life that you donít get
taught and you just have to live and learn. That's why itís important to understand yourself and
your experiences because no teacher can help you with these things. Only you can know what's
good for you, whatís bad for you, and what you like and dislike. Experiences can help you in
school as well, for example if you donít study for a test and you fail then obviously next time
there is a test you will study and prepare yourself so that you donít have to meet that fate again.
Learning from experiences and mistakes in my opinion are the best ways to learn because you
have lived it so itís going to shape you. Which way it shapes you is entirely up to the choices you
make and no teacher can help you with that.
Lastly students are their own best teachers because of the fact that the student is the
only one that knows what theyíre capable of. In saying this what I mean is you know your own
Payne 3
methods for the things you do better than anybody else does. People can tell you a number of
different ways to do things, but itís up to yourself to choose the one that best fits you. Again i'm
not saying that having a teacher isnít beneficial because it most certainly is, but for example in a
class with a textbook you donít need a teacher there. You can read through that book and teach
yourself the material