State of the Union Address Review

Professor Morris

State of the Union Address Review

27 January 2015

On Tuesday January 20, 2015, president Barack Obama delivered his annual State

of the Union Address. At the beginning of the speech Obama mentions the progress of

the united states such as our economy growing and more employment, more kids

graduating, more people being insured, “free from the grip o foreign oil as we’ve been in

almost 30 years,” and the combat mission in Afghanistan being over. Even though the

United Sates have made progress there is still some work left to do on the economy to

where its fair for people who actually work hard to get ahead.

He plans to veto and pledged to veto seven bills regarding the pipeline already.

Using human genome to cure diseases like cancer. Balancing civil liberties with

aggressive surveillance methods.

He is committed to the rest of his presidency to make sure there is an opportunity

and a better bargain for the working middle class such as simplifying the tax codes for

business ( lower tax rates for manufacturers or cut taxes for small businesses) or creating

better jobs ( raising minimum wage or strengthen job training at community colleges (

which he wants to be free for low income people).)

Restoring security to homeownership is one his top economic priorities. He listed

out his ideas to strengthen the housing market and to ensure that middle class families

have affordable mortgages and refinancing by having a “rock solid foundation for

financing homeownership with a bigger role for the private sector, where tax payers

aren’t on the hook for the irresponsible behavior or bad decisions of financial institution.”

He wants congress to help him make things happen such as access to affordable,

quality childcare, paid sick leave, minimum wage increase, two free years of community

college, reducing student loan payments, infrastructure, trade promotion authority, ending

embargo against Cuba, etc.

Since Congress is a majority republican seat now whereas Obama is a democrat

so anyone would assume there is going to be many disagreements. Republicans intend to

“take the country in the new direction they campaigned on last year, despite the extensive

list of liberal priorities the president laid out. The Iowa Republican Earnest said Obama

“gave us political talking points, not serious solutions.” Others said they “welcomed the

bipartisan sounding tone Obama used for much his speech though they found it hard to

square with the white houses confrontational actions on issues like immigration.” Kevin

McCarthy stated that he was going to wait for more detail but he was willing to work

with anyone is willing to work with him.

Obama ends his speech in a very inspirational encouraging way. He points out

that even though us Americans have been through some hard times, we managed to pick

ourselves up and began again to remaking America.