Star Wars : A New Hope

The dramatic war-like classic of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it is Star Wars. The reason most people go to see it is because of the THX digitally mastered sound, the new visual effects, the superb acting, but most of all the all important theme, without which, Star Wars would not be half the film that it is. But now, it has launched Lucasfilm Ltd. into a new era and taken all the world with it.
When Star Wars was first made in 1977, nobody expected it to become a big movie. George Lucas had only a small crew, a moderate number of actors without much of a reputation, the London Symphony Orchestra, and a bunch of college students to help out with the effects. But once the people started watching it and the word spread, it developed into a multimillion dollar investiture. Reason: the plot. Up to that time, the most realistic sci-fi movies ranged from B rated Ed Wood movies to the classic ?Take me to your leader? films. Nothing was ever made that even compared to Star Wars. Even the Star Trek series seemed untechnological.
When the movie starts out, it takes a whole new concept to bear : a small space cruiser being chased by one that?s half the size of our planet. And then the small ship is raided by cruel looking soldiers in space suits lead by a half man half robot. The imperials, as the cruel army is called, are looking for the plans to their already built battle station, called the Death Star. Two robots escape in a pod with the plans. Now the protagonist is introduced, Luke Skywalker. A farmer on the same desert world that the robots landed on, he leads a boring life, even though he does turn out as the major protagonist at the end of the movie. When his uncle buys the robots and the one with the plans wanders off, Luke chases after it and winds up with the one who the little droid, Artoo, sought. Obi Wan Kenobi, as the man is called, tells Luke that his father was a man of great power and proceeds to explain the force, the all powerful entity that controls all people.

To people of the 70?s, this was a totally new idea. The thought of something which controls everything and everyone and can, at the same time can be utilized and controlled by those that it controls, hit many people hard on the head. But, it WAS the 70?s and that wasn?t TOO ridiculous. The story progresses and Luke finds his uncle?s and aunt?s charred remains following an imperial attack and agrees to go with Kenobi. They locate a pilot to take them to the destination planet, but find that it has been completely destroyed by the imperials. They then go to the Death Star (accidentally) and are almost captured, but then save Princess Leia, who was the woman who was carrying the Death Star plans until her ship was attacked. Before the crew can get off the Death Star, however, Obi Wan Kenobi is slain by the half robot, half man, Darth Vader in a fight. When the sextet of the two robots, the Princess, Luke, the pilot (Han Solo), and his wookie assistant (Chewbacca) arrive at the h!
eadquarters of the resistance against the imperials, otherwise known as the Rebel Aliance, Artoo displays the plans for the Death Star and an attack is planned. The Death Star?s commanders know where the rebel base is and head for it to destroy that planet. However, the attack on the Death Star is made and Luke uses the force to launch two torpedoes from his fighter space craft into the Death Star?s main reactor, and destroys it.
In this film, Episode IV, Luke is but a 17 year old young man and does not know the ways of life. When he starts out, he is but a boy who is doomed to stay on his desert planet for another year to help his uncle farm. But he hates it. Like his father, Anakin Skywalker, he has great ambitions, even though he is still a little bit selfish. Overall he?s a nice young man, but still needs to learn the lessons of life, and by joining the alliance he learns discipline and self control, not by the