Anthony Moreno
Stages of the Research Process
Instructor: Said Nik-khah
October 19th, 2015

Stages of the Research Process
This week\'s assignment is to research peer-reviewed articles in our schools library. The topic I chose to find these articles is guns since my learning team is also doing the same topic. I will attempt to state the purpose of the business research, determine the research questions & hypotheses, and identify the dependent & independent variables being manipulated to measure in each article.
The Effects of Guns and Money
I gave this paper the title of the effects of guns and money because it seemed fitting and connected both articles. Both articles involve gun violence but are very different. One-article studies the chance of people committing a violent crime using a gun and the other article is about doing the right thing and making public safety a priority.

Controversial Study Suggest Seeing Gun Violence Promotes It
The purpose of research. The Purpose of this research is to find out if seeing gun violence at a young age increases the probability of that child will go on to commit a similar act down the road.
Research questions and hypotheses. The main research focus question in my opinion was "Can a single experience of seeing someone shoot at someone else make an individual more violence-prone?" (Constance Holden, 2005) This led to a hypothesis of a single exposure to firearm violence doubles the chance that a young person will later engage in violent behavior.
Dependent and independent variables. Reading into this study I found quite a few variables but mostly dependent variables. The one independent variable that I recognized was if the participant has ever been exposed to violence. The rest of the variables I found were of the dependent type of variables that included the participants family structure, his or hers temperament, and their IQ.

New York City Considers Divesting From Walmart Over Gun Sales
The purpose of research. Public Advocate Letitia James put it best when she made the statement of "We need to study the potential consequences and risks of continuing to own equity and fixed income holdings in gun retailers, whose weapons and ammunition reach the streets, towns and cities across our country." Which means to me that they want to conduct this research for the greater good but at what costs?
Research questions and hypotheses. I found two research questions in this article. The first research question I found was what will be the impact of selling its shares in major gun retailers, including Walmart, Dick\'s Sporting Goods, and Cabela\'s. The other research question I found is will other states follow suit and sell their shares to divest and force those major companies to make a change and stop selling guns and ammunition.
Dependent and independent variables. The only independent variable would be that these major companies sell guns and ammunition and are in compliance with the law. The dependent variables could be public safety. Would the public be safer if the companies stopped selling guns and ammunition? Another variable would be money. How would the companies react to investors that decided to divest? That could change the dynamic public safety if the companies decided to stop selling guns and ammunition.

By reviewing both of these articles, I found it easy to identify the reason for the research being conducted. In both articles, the authors made it clear of what the purpose of the research was for. As for finding the research questions and hypotheses it was also relatively easy to find one or maybe two questions they based their research on. Finding the independent and dependent variables, I struggled with. Not having the actual results of the study it was hard for me to determine any of the variables. I tried to find variables by asking myself questions on if it this plays a part and if so does it or can it change. From there I just decided if it was a dependent variable or independent variable. Overall I feel that both articles gave me some good practice getting familiar with understanding how business research is started. Still a little new to it but I feel I have the basics down.

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