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Ms. Vea
Period 6
15 January 2016
Sports Medicine Essay Rough Draft
In today\'s world, new technology is developing rapidly, especially in the medicine and sports medicine departments. These new forms of medicine that are being developed are being developed because many athletes are getting injured, they want to heal from these injuries faster, and they want to come back stronger from their setbacks. This sounds like a good idea, but some people are against the use of these new medicinal techniques, because they say these new medicines can ruin the body. 99 percent of these new techniques to heal faster do not hurt the body. This essay will explain how these new medicines and medicinal techniques are good things, and not bad things.
Most new medicinal techniques and new sports medicines do not harm the body. An example of this is Theralase. Theralase is a laser that supplies lots of energy to the body in a short amount of time by shooting billions of photons of light at it, and this laser does not hurt the body. (Theralase, Another example of these new medicines not harming the body is Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. Musculoskeletal Ultrasound is like an X-Ray, but it is more in depth and it allows for doctors to see abnormalities that would not have been seen with just a regular X-Ray. It uses sound waves to produce images of the body. One of the main benefits of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound is that it allows for surgeons to do procedures on
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patients easier because they have these new pictures. The best part is that this procedure is harmless, and it is quick and simple. (Ultrasound - Musculoskeletal,
Other than being harmless, these new medicines also have other benefits. Another benefit is that these new medicines are helpful to the body because they allow for the injured part of the body to heal faster. An example of this is Tommy John Surgery. Tommy John Surgery is a type of surgery that some Major League Baseball players have done on them, because it fixes up any problems that they have in their elbow. Instead of playing while they are injured, they can have this surgery done on them. Sometimes, the player who undergoes the surgery can come back even stronger than before. (Tommy John Surgery, Another example of the new types of medicines allowing for the body to heal faster is Regenokine. Regenokine is a treatment used to reduce chronic pain or arthritis. Famous athletes have used this treatment before, most notable of these athletes being Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez. This procedure involves taking bad tissue out of the body, and then processing it in a certain way, and then putting this tissue back in the body. It allows for faster healing, and even though it is currently unapproved by the FDA, it is still a legitimate and working procedure.
Overall, the new types of sports medicine have many more benefits than detriments. These new procedures are harmless, they are quick and easy, they allow for athletes to heal faster, and some even allow for the possibility of the athlete coming back stronger than they were pre-injury.
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