Speaker: Martin Luther King Jr

Professor Womack

Speaker evaluation

20 January 2015

 Speaker: Martin Luther King Jr.

 Audience: all Americans; blacks who wanted equality (300,000 people)

 Date: speech was given on august 28, 1963; listened to on January 18th, 2015

 Site: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mlkihaveadream.htm

 Occasion: given at the Lincoln memorial. For the march on Washington for jobs and

freedom for blacks; the civil rights movement. To persuade president John kennedy to

pass a national civil rights bill

 Thesis Statement: The overall purpose of this speech was to end discrimination and to

give African Americans equality. Martin Luther wanted to create a society where skin

color didn’t matter.

 Summary of speech: Martin Luther king begins his speech by acknowledging

Abraham Lincoln emancipating slaves but says that even though slaves were

emancipated, blacks are basically still not free. He makes an analogy about how all

men were issued a check ( promise of freedom ) but for blacks, the “check has come

back with insufficient funds.” He demands their freedom now, they want to see

change immediately. He says “ now is the time to make justice for a reality for all of

gods children. He expresses how he wants a peaceful movement meaning no

violence, he tells people to not have hatred in their hearts or turn to guns and fists.

Mainly he talks about his “dreams” for equality with his famous quote “I have a


 Personal evaluation: I believe and agree in what Martin Luther King. I strongly

believe that all men were created equal, no matter what skin color you are, you are the

same as everyone else. I believe that god made us equal and he loves everyone of us

no matter the skin color. Growing up, I dealt with a lot of racism, even though I am

not black, my ethnicity was different from everyone else and I didn’t go through what

the blacks did in the past but it did give me the ability to not judge others based on

their skin color or race and made me passionate about equality for everyone.

 Observation of speech: The emotion of kings speech was very moving and you could

tell he was very passionate about what he believed in and what he wanted.