Solving Personal problems: Applying the Five-Step Model
Shanta' Williams
Hum/ 115
Andrew Ortiz

Solving Personal Problems: Applying the Five-Step Model
I have been going on with life unaware of the expanding waistline I was developing. However, one day when I was about to leave my room and join the rest of my siblings for breakfast, I looked at myself in the mirror and boom! I saw my expanding waistline. In that very moment, my self-esteem dropped to a new time low. I refused to come down for breakfast. The distressing part of this was I was unaware of how much weight I had put on. I had to act fast before the effects of overweight could affect my self-confidence thus my social life. That very moment I adopted the five- step model to solve my problem.
First, I defined the problem that is to be solved. I had increased in weight without realizing it. Factors that could have contributed to weight may be unchecked diet, lack of exercise or stress.
Secondly, I came up with possible solutions for my weight issues. Physical activity and adopting healthy meals were my two methods to combat weight gain.
Thirdly, I selected the best solution. I believed integrating the three options would benefit me more than having to choose one. Physical activity would involve joining a gym. I also had to timetable morning and night runs to burn extra calories. Healthy eating was critical for me not to regain weight.
Fourthly, it's the implementation stage. Daily at 0700hrs I was out having a morning jog and on the weekends I was in the gym working out. I changed my diet to eating fruits, whole grains, nuts and vegetables.
Fifth and the last step was a review of the results. Monthly or weekly I checked my weight to see any changes. If there was a drop in weight, then my strategy was working. However, if there was no change, then my plan was not working, and it needed to change it. This particular problem I would consider myself a problem solver. As a problem solver, I undertook this new issue as if it was a fresh out of the box new. In addition, to this procedure I applied a particular answer for the matter at hand rather than a fix that may go incomplete.