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CLASS- I compared myself with other students who were born in China and now moving and studying in US as me many times, since I started planning to study abroad. What I saw superficially, people who living in a middle or upper class can decide to supply their children to study in a foreign country, so I think we were born in a similar family, until I met more people and learn more from them, I found it isnít like what I thought before. Most of my friendsí parents are working as a CEO of some companies, or maybe an owner of a factory or other business. When I was still in primary school to high school, though sometimes my classmates would compare with each other by what they have, I thought we were similar - we all born in a common family, neither very rich nor very poor, everything are in average. But after my parents decided to send me out of China, asked me to study in a language school in my holiday, I started knowing more people who really born in a family that I can only see in movie. And after I came to US, I met some of my friends who are young but already own their business by chance, and knew much more about the different types of people. One part of my friends start their working life by non-stop interviews or internships in China, one part of my friends still enjoying their happy life by traveling, shopping luxury products, and one part of my friends live their life by start a small business in different ways, and I struggle in school, helping my friend deal with their documents and giving advices for their business from what I learned in school, thinking of how to achieve my dream in the futureÖ
FAMILY- I was born in a very common family, which is made up by my parents and me. I am the only child in my family, and I am the only girl in my fatherís family. I was born in a period that China was implementing birth control. I used to think all people who were also born around those years are the only child in their family, and I was a
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