Social Norm Challenge

10 November 2014
Intro to Psychology
Social Norm Challenge

Pushing buttons for floors I am not going to on the elevator
When you get on the elevator, you are usually suppose to just press the button for the floor that you are going to. When I get on the elevator with multiple other people, mostly strangers and press multiple buttons for floors that I am not getting off at, they become angry. Most people become angry and/or frustrated when I do that because they may be in a rush or they may just like that. But I get a different reaction when I do that when Iím on the elevator with friends. They often yell at me and/or attempt to curse me out. When Iím on the elevator with strangers and that happens, I kind of just laugh a little inside because it was just a joke and they take it so serious. But I donít say anything aloud; I just watch their facial expressions and body language. And maybe apologize when I get off or when they get off. I really donít feel anyway about their reaction I just laugh at both my friends and the strangers.
Sit right next to someone in class when there are a lot of open seats
When you enter a classroom with a lot of empty seats, most people would choose to sit in a seat in an area where no one is sitting. But sometimes I donít do that; I sit right next to somebody even though I see plenty of seats open. The person that I choose to sit next to may become very aggravated and disturbed because I chose to sit right next to them. They may even begin to feel uncomfortable. Their reaction is probably kind of the same way I would react. But I do things like that to try to be funny. So I didnít really take offense to their reaction.
Start talking in class without raising my hand
In most classroom scenarios, the teacherís social norm is that you raise your hand before you begin speaking if you have something to say. But most times I donít do this, I just begin talking. Students in the class, who already had their hand up waiting to talk, may react by sucking their teeth and getting an attitude. The teacher sometimes becomes angry and tells me to not do it again but that slip my mind and I do it again. Ninety percent of the time I pay no attention to the studentís reaction. But I apologize to the teacher for not following the rules.