Social Network

1. In the conversation with Erica Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed and shown to be an extremely intelligent and full of himself.

2. Ethical and legal problem with face mash was that it used pictures of people without their consent which is illegal as well as ethically wrong.

3. Facebook was exclusive because it wasn't a dating site or an adult site it was purely a site to communicate and socialize with others.

4. He got the idea of Facebook from a compilation of different ideas from many people, but essentially Mark claims that he thought of the idea.

5. Mark wanted to expand to other schools so that he had a bigger audience and he would be able to have a larger server with more capabilities. He also wanted to expand to the other schools because not enough people knew about it.

6. Sean Parker is a guy that like finances many organizations and makes them famous.

7. Napster was at a point where they were sued for a lot and sold the company to pay of royalties but it was as if "they were selling a stolen car for the stolen gas money”, so they said screw it and declared bankruptcy.

8. Mark was against using advertising because it would go against his philosophy and he didn't wanna degrade his site.