Social Media

Advantages and Disadvantages


Social media seems to be the main source of every American’s day. A simple run to the local coffee shop can be known by many with a quick update to Facebook. A random thought that may have popped into one’s head can be shared in a short 140 characters on twitter, and a picture of a civilian or even a city official doing something not so ethically correct can be posted and liked with two taps of the thumb. Social media is used to stay connected to the community and stay involved with what’s going on in the world today. Social media is not just used in the United States, but all over the world. The internet take over can be used for a lot of good, but can also be used for a lot of bad. Although social media is enormously popular and is a good way to keep in touch, it also has a negative side.
The advantages of information being easily obtained on social media are someone who is trying to find someone they lost contact with or a parent or child that went through adoption can find their loved one , and jobs can easily check a person’s background to make sure they are who they say they are. Some disadvantages of social media are people provide too much of their personal information for everyone to see. Predators can easily find their next victim just by browsing one of the newest social media sites. Freedom of speech will be limited because an employer can see the things their employee “likes” on Facebook or who they “follow’ on twitter and Instagram, an employee will not be able to maybe voice every like or dislike, or an opinion they may have due to their employer having access to their personal life.
The advantages and disadvantages of social media is a bit of a tug-of-war battle. The advantages are people can stay connected to each other from thousands of miles away with just the click of a button or a swipe of the finger. Businesses can keep their customers informed of the things that are new and going on in their company. Entrepreneurs can advertise their businesses as well as well-established businesses can. People can share memories, share videos, and even plan a party and invite everyone on their friends list. The disadvantages are that if not used safely, social media can put people in danger. It can be used to slander someone’s name and tarnish their figure. Some people hide behind their true identities to meet people online, also called “Catfish”, and it could end up being extremely dangerous. The internet holds a lot of truth, but gives people a wide platform to hide behind a lot of lies and if one is not too careful, harm can come their way.
There are many different ways people use social media. Knowing that the internet can be dangerous will not necessarily stop people from using it in a dangerous way or ignoring obvious signs. Some people will use the information and be cautious when sharing their information on social media and others will not. When parents are informed about how social media works (if they are not using it themselves) they would hopefully start monitoring their children’s social media intake and what they are sharing online. A person may also use the knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of social media to explore the disadvantages. Someone’s complete identity could be stolen with just one picture and an email. With that being said, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of social media can definitely alter the way a person would use social media.
Not everything on social media is true and not everything is false. These social media sites provide people with a large platform to be deceitful and also become someone they aren’t. Social media is use worldwide and can allow someone to connect with someone else on the their side of the world, for free! But social media, like every other technology, has its negatives that can put someone in harm’s way in a blink if an eye.