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Table of Contents
Operational Challenges 3
4 Vís Model 3
The 5 performance objectives 4
Processes & Layout 5
Improvements in Service Delivery 6
Bibliography 7

Is a small independent mobile shop located in the hub of Ilford high street, a 4 minutesí walk away from Ilford station, surrounded by all types of different and businesses of the same sector. The high street is visited by all types of customers local and tourists, day to day customers and long term customers too. The business timings are 11:00- 21:00 Monday to Sunday. (the business) is visited by regular customers and even walk by customers which is certain due to the nature of the business itself. (the business) offers a wide range of services and products related to mobile phones. They buy and sell used and new phones (mainly smart phones), they provide mobile phone accessories such as headphones, chargers, portable rechargeable chargers, screen protectors, phone covers, selfie sticks and all that you can think of related to mobile phones. (the business) also repairs damaged mobile phones with instant repairing service and even provide unblocking services. The shop is divided into three sections, mobile accessories, mobile repair/unblocking and mobile purchasing and selling. The retail shop is mainly supervised by the manager who tends to be flexible in terms of his job, however they have three more salesmen that work according to their rotating shifts.
Operational Challenges
4 Vís Model
In every operational process of a sector, the input is transformed into outputs (products and services.) This could be done in various ways, however the main one known is the 4 Vís mode which compiles with, Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility.
Volume could be defined as the degree of how many products or services are made by the operation in terms of quantity. Variety in simple words could be explained as the range of different products or services made by the operation. Variation is basically change in demand over time, and visibility can be understood as the extent to which the operationís internal working are exposed in front of the customers.
Since, (The business) is a retail mobile shop which delivers finished products and also provides aftersales services, in terms of volume, if the business is divided in to three parts which are buying and selling phones, accessories and repairs, each operation has a different level of contribution to the volume. For instance, buying and selling phones, the volume is low, not every customer decides to buy or sell a phone randomly on a high street, besides mobile phones could be bought easily elsewhere due to competitors. The demand is relatively low which causes a result of high cost as the business has mobile phones on display to be sold however sale is not guaranteed. Since itís a small mobile shop located on the high street it cannot offer a wide range of mobile phones, variety on mobile phones is very low, the business would not be able to afford providing a range of different brand phones with different specifications and features, it would be almost impossible to fulfil anyoneís demand, unless they can order and it for the customer making it more of a bespoke facility. Speaking of variation, since its technology the business is dealing with which gets updated every three month at least, it will be hard for the business to maintain with the