Secrets about my past

Dark shadows ran past me as the icy cold wind made me shiver, where am I, I wondered I was in an empty space, an empty space full of nothing. I started to run as if the police was chasing me what was I scared of? I don’t need to run I can just stay here and wait, but I didn’t stop running until a hand grabbed me then- and that’s when I got up from my dream. I’m starting to have nightmares every night ever since last week Thursday. The day I found a gold locket.
Today is Wednesday I have library the best time to escape and relax from Nate. Nate is my closet friend he’s sometimes funny and helpful but he is also annoying! I grabbed a book from the ‘H’ section called ‘History about a princess’ this is where I found the locket in the very first few pages I thought the locket was someone else’s so I tried to give it in to the counter but a strange strong feeling started to grow inside me I tried to ignore it. I walked closer to the counter, but next minute before I knew I was walking out of the library picking my bag up and popping the locket in to my school skirt pocket and without thinking I started to run, without looking back.
It’s lunchtime so I walked to the girl’s bathroom I re-do my hair and straighten my uniform and opened my skirt pocket to get my lip gloss, but instead I got the locket out and again the strange feeling started to grow inside me again. I stared at the locket and finally noticed you can open this locket, a small little pick dot was on the locket, no wonder I am so stupid.
I tried to open the locket but it wouldn’t open “why isn’t this stupid locket opening?” I grumbled. After a few tries I gave up when suddenly my mind went blank and a dark strange voice started to tell me to go to the library. I walked to the library and grabbed the book where I got the locket from and I started to read then my mind came back I found myself reading, “what the-? How did I come here?” I sigh deeply and was about to close the book when I stopped and saw the word LUCIA, I opened the book properly and started to read since it had my name.
But after a few minutes I was so shocked about what I was reading in 1864 a young girl called LUCIA CHLOE SAZCHA? That’s exactly same as my full name and at the age of 16 in 1880 she… died?? I continued to read, the place of birth, date of birth and family names were so identical with me, all this information this girl had was same as me she’s like my long lost twin sister! Except I don’t have a twin sister.

A white mini envelope was on the page too and in tiny gold letters it read ‘a picture of Princess Lucia Chloe sazcha ‘a picture... wait a princess?? This girl was a princess? This was getting way too weird. I was getting more curious how this girl could look like, I opened the envelope with trembling fingers, I was nervous for no reason. I pulled out the picture and stared at it for quite a long time then I grabbed my mini sparkle mirror from my bag and stared at myself from the mirror to the picture I dropped my mirror and the picture on the library floor I was so confused what was happening inside me, suddenly I felt sick all I wanted to do is go home, I told the office lady I felt sick so if I can go home and later my nana came.
I lie down on my bed when my nana came in and gave me hot vanilla flavored tea. I was dying to know the truth about the other Lucia. I had tons of questions in my mind so I decided to tell my nana “nana?” “Yes dear do you need anything?” “No I’m fine” “ok, then I’ll go now” “nana