Scientific Design

The objectives of this lab are:
1. Describe the steps of scientific inquiry.
2. Know the difference between hypothesis and theory.
3. Identify dependent, independent, and standardized, variables in an experiment.
4. Design an experiment with appropriate control.
5. Explain the importance of sample size and replication.
6. Discuss the limitations of the scientific method.

Activity 1- We will follow basic scientific research to answer a question
Activity 2-We will learn the characteristics of a question, and learn about making a hypothesis.
Activity 3- Experimental design- we will learn about variables, level of treatment, and replication. We will do an activity using the scientific method to study variables that could effect the reaction time of humans.
Activity 4- We will do an analysis of our results. We will then form a conclusion, and explain how or hypothesis was either supported or disproven.