1. Drill all the holes in the two plastic containers according to the hose fittings size. Refer to the diagram below.
2. Thread the fittings through the holes and seal them with silicone caulking. Refer to diagram below.
3. Thread the bolts through the sides adding three nuts on the outside and a rubber washer.
4. Add two a rubber washer and two nuts to the bolts from the inside of the container making sure to tighten the nuts.
5. Drill a hole in the center of the six stainless steel plates the diameter of the bolts.
6. Put a plate on the bolt from the inside and then add two bolts making sure to tighten them.
7. Add three plates on each bolt making sure to have two bolts at the end.
8. Fill the container with distilled water and then add 10 table spoons of potassium hydroxide, until all the potassium hydroxide is dissolved.
9. Fill the small container with tap water.
10. Add the hoses referring to the diagram below.
11. Secure a wire to each end of the bolts with electrical tape.
12. Carefully, attach the wires to the battery.