People often say money isnít everything however this true. Money is a major part in gaining a college education. Therefore as an upcoming college freshman I wish to obtain any scholarship I can. I am from Missouri City, Texas unlike some students home is not around the corner. Secondly, I come from a very larger family and this fall my parents will have two students in college. Lastly, I donít desire to take out any loans if I donít need to. Money is not everything but I need it to start my new chapter in life.
I plan to obtain my PHD in chemistry then farther my education as I go into physical therapy school. After I become a great physical therapist I will then start to train others and start an internship program. In my program I will teach and train the interns to the best of my abilities and at the end of the program I will have a job waiting for them. I plan to gain an education and teach others so I can bless them as I was bless. I want to become a physical therapist because they help God heal those who need to be healed from there body to their soul.
At times there is just one check rolling in for the bills. Honestly I need to take as much pressure off my family as possible. It might sound bad now but my family just came across their struggle we all have them. My family believes in education, my parents have bachelor degrees and my brother and sister are obtaining degrees as well. I have big shoes to fill as you can see and my parents have plans to see me soar. Therefore, I wonít let them down which is another reason I will stay in school and achieve my goals.