Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.

A person’s life changes every day; we move houses, meet new people, and start new jobs. One thing that doesn’t happen every day is meeting a person who impacts your life so deeply that the whole course of your life is changed for the better. As a sixth grade student, I was fortunate enough to meet that very person. At the time, I was unable to see exactly how important he would become in my life, or how much he would change my way of thinking, but it was very clear that he’d serve as an inspiration in my life. In the beginning of my junior year, it finally became very obvious just how much of an inspiration he was and how much of an impact he had on my future. This man was my band teacher.
Not many school districts are fortunate enough to have teachers who would give anything for their students, and would never abandon their program no matter how much they are struggling to stay on their feet. After my teacher had changed my life so greatly through how much he believed in me, I knew that it was my duty to give back to him and the band program. After all, though this is something that most outside sources could not understand, the band is like one big family in this school, and seeing your family struggle financially brings an indescribable pain to your heart.
Most small communities come together over their local high school’s football team. On a Friday night, everyone gathers in diners then makes their way to the stadium to watch their boys win again. In our community, however, the band is the core. The members of our community are our second biggest fans, right under our band director. I knew that I could use this to my advantage to make a difference for our band. After hearing one of our fans sit through the freezing rain to see our band say “None of these people are here for the team, we’re here for the band,” I coined the phrase, “I’m Here for the Band!” I designed shirts and set out on a mission to sell as many as I could in a three-week span. At the end of the three weeks, I had sold over one hundred shirts. This meant that I would be able to give back more than I could have imagined. One week later, I was presenting our director with a check for $500. To a small band like ours, money like that could go a long way.
Through all that I have accomplished in my life, nothing has ever made me more proud than this achievement. My director changed my life and changing his is something that will forever warm my heart. After all, a person’s life isn’t changed like that every day.