Sasha gutierrezEnglish essay
For my 16th birthday, I went on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was One of the best vacation's I ever had. So many things to do that I don't even know where to begin. November 7th I landed at the Cancun international airport at twelve in the afternoon, one of the busiest airports I had seen besides John F Kennedy international airport in queens. When I arrived there were many sales associates persuading people to buy many different packages of activities such as dolphin riding, scuba diving, and snorkeling. There were sales associate's trying to sell cars, there was so much chaos I just wanted to leave. The hotel we had reserved had sent me and my family transportation to take us back to the hotel. the drivers were so welcoming, they greeted us and asked if needed anything before we left the airport. My family and I went in the white minivan the drivers had the music at a medium volume. The ride from the airport was quick but I could see a lot of the scenery of Cancun, many palm trees and aqua blue water was the only thing that called my attention.
We finally arrived to resort They offered mimosas and Pina colada upon our arrival, I wasn't able to drink the mimosas because the drinking age was eighteen, and I was just turning sixteen. it took them pretty long to get us situated since it was 22 of us and we needed 7 rooms. After an hour when we were all settled down and put our clothes away. The rooms were different to rooms I seen in a resort before, it had 2 floors on the first floor it had two queen size beds, and a bathroom with two closets and on the top floor there was a king size bed, walk-in closet and a bathroom with a tub and also a shower. We were all impressed on how big the room was. We all changed into our bathing suits to go down to the pool ,the beach was also couple steps away so I was going back and forth. The beach was so beautiful and calming, the water was so clear that you could actually see the pink of my nail polish on my toes. The cool white sand and the turquoise waters definitely made the beach one of my favorite areas to be around.
The beached was filled with people dancing bachata and merengue, there was a dance contest going on but I was too shy to dance in front of everybody so I just watched. My cousins and aunts did join and they did a really good job. they actually came in second place. I loved the environment it was my first day and I already loved Mexico. After all the dancing and laughing we were all so hungry, we went to a restaurant inside moon palace, which is what the resort is called. "el manglar" it was Italian cuisine is where we decided to eat. Since my family was so big we also had a longer wait then everybody else. The wait was about 30 minutes. The food was so delicious I had Penne alla vodka. All the waiters were dressed in white suits and were very well educated, they spoke proper English which was very impressing since we were in Mexico. After we all finished eating many servers brought shots of tequila to our table even though I was still under age I took one without my mom knowing. We were the loudest group in the whole restaurant, my family stayed there so long that the waiter remembered each of our names. Three hours already passes and It was already late at night and I had to be up early the next morning because it was my grandma 70th birthday and my 16th birthday and we were going dolphin riding.
At 7 am, I hurd my alarm clock ringing. I was so tired from the previous night that my eyes were glued together, as I was trying to wake up my twenty family members barge through the doors with a cupcake and singing happy birthday, throwing so many pictures as