Sasha Gutierrez
ANT 200-1101
Is Race a biologically significant category? Discuss TWO of the TEN THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT RACE from the PBS link, discussed in class.  Give examples in Sanabria that illustrate why race is a powerful cultural and historical construct and situate them in place and time?
Race is not a biologically significant category because as explained by the second bullet point on the pbs link "10 things you should know about race". Race is not based on genetics there is no gene or characteristic's that separate people biologically to support the idea of a separate "race". Therefore, the idea that people should be separated into categories or sub races based on physical Chartres's holds no scientific significance. another thing about race is that although it isn't deemed a real thing significantly, racism or prejudice based on their difference's is.past historical events such as slavery helped breed the idea within society that one group of people is superior to one another based on things like appearance or social standing even though genetics do not support this idea. in his book the anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean harry Sanabria states that "North American's tend to recognize rigid racial categories perhaps best illustrated by the distinctions between blackness and whiteness'. Race is a powerful construct historically because of how slavery marks that distinction between blackness and whiteness as being white makes you superior to someone who is black or different. Culturally speaking this idea has followed into present day as mentioned in the pbs link "race is a social idea in which advantages and opportunities are more likely presented to someone who is white.
Define sex, gender and sexuality.  Give examples that show how gender provides insights into other aspects of culture. Include examples of marianismo and machismo. If you wish, you may also use concepts of intersectionality or microaggressions?
Sex is the distinction between male and female based on reproductive function. Gender can be defined as how a person refers to themselves male or female conceptually rather than by their biology/anatomy. In Sexuality can be either someone's sexual feelings or a person sexual orientation or preferences in partner. marianismo especially in Hispanic cultures refers to a women's virtue and places high value on the idea of women purity. According to sanbria mariansimo ideologically condones male domestic violence and suggests that women welcome abusive male behavior as the spiritual verifications of their true womanhood. By definition marianismo gives an idea that a women's gender role is to be submissive. Machismo refers to masculinity and a man's role as both protector and provider however machismo is also associated with a strong sense of power or dominance especially over women. An example of how marianismo and machismo can reflect on a culture is in places like Guatemala were rarely a day passes without another woeful tale of offenses , abuses, and bad habits of men.