Salvation of the Soul
The above image is the poster of Soul Surfer, which was released on April 8, 2011. As you see in the poster, the movie is made based on a inspiring true story that happened to a champion surfer, Bethany Hamilton. It was directed by Sean McNamara. After he read an article talking about Bethany Hamiltonís story, he decided to make a movie based on it. Because Christian faith is integral to Bethanyís story, this movie is viewed as a Christian movie. It shows the power of faith through the experience of the surfer and talks about God and faith. The creator wanted people to get inspired after they watch it. The poster is made up of many different parts. There is a tagline in the top of the poster, and below the tagline, the title of the movie shows in a larger size and different color. This difference makes the title become more noticeable. Below the title, there is the cast list for the main characters. Then, the main character comes out. The girl stands and carries a surfboard that is broken, and her expression appears to be thinking deeply. Finally, the sea is grey, not blue. It is abnormal and thought-provoking. And if we see the poster carefully, we can find that the light surrounds the girl. After analyzing this poster, we can find the poster uses text, placement of the character, facial expression, and color contrast in order to illustrate the spiritual salvation of the girl.
This poster contains many texts, including the tagline, title, and cast list. The tagline is When you come back from a loss, beat the odds, and never say never, you find a champion. This sentence shows that the movie talks about a person who becomes stronger from a loss and gets ahead afterwards. After audiences see this poster, they will watch the movie with much curiosity and awe, because they want to know what happened to the girl. The title of this poster is the name of the movie. The words Soul Surfer are enlarged and are in a darker color. This change of font makes the title more obviously and noticeable. People like to associate the word soul with holy things. So after they see this title, they will think deeper about what happened to the girlís spirit. The cast list is in the middle of the poster. The actor Dennis Quaid and actress Carrie Underwood are very famous actors. They will attract many audiences for this movie. The tagline and the title tell us the deep meaning inside of the girl.
Besides the texts, the placement of this main character is also important. The girl stands by herself and carries a broken surfboard that covers her whole body. The surfboard symbolizes her. She stands alone, illustrating that she is strong enough to handle everything by herself. But she is also lonely. No one stands with her and maybe this is the reason that compels her to become strong. When we change our focus to the surfboard, we can find a shocking scar in it. And because the surfboard is the only thing that is carried by the girl in this poster, we find the surfboard is very important to her. After we understand the relationship between the surfboard and the girl, it lets us guess what the girl experiences if the surfboard has a big scar in it. This placement makes people feel helpless and vacuous of the spirituality of the girl.
Although only one character is showed in this poster, the facial expression of her still can impart significant information. A light of tenacity comes into her eyes. From her eyes, we can feel that she is very persistent and can accomplish the thing she decides to do. Compared to the helpless that we found regarding to the placement of the girl, we can find out that she grows up in a sense. On the other hand, half of her face is hidden behind the broken surfboard. That looks like the girl wants to hide something that she doesn't want others to know. And we donít know if she is happy or sad. Her facial expression represents there are many contradictions in her heart.