Safety outfits - Police
The police force offer a variety of personal protective equipment, which is specially designed to the purpose of protecting the officers from gaining serious injuries or illnesses that can result from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical or mechanical hazards and many more that occur in there day to day jobs. There are many different outfits and devices that ensure their safety such as goggles, coveralls, gloves, vests, gas masks, shields and many others.

Police shields are used to prevent the officer from being harmed and often act as a barrier between the officer and the person on the other side. These shields provide protection against major or serious threats for law enforcement during tactical entry and public order situations. Police are provided with many different forms of shields such as riot shilds and ballistic shields for stronger protection.

Police offers can have specially trained police dogs that are used to keep them safe and to attack people threatening to harm the officers, tracking prisoners, or guarding buildings, these dogs are specially trained with an officer who they learn to obey and protect, and normally only follow the strict commands given to then by this officer forming a bond as they often work together daily and so the officer can rely on his K-9 to protect and have his back.

During chases or raids police wear protective vests and body armour that is bullet proof which helps protect them and allows them to complete the task at hand as well as preventing them from being killed in dangerous situations even though they is still occurring daily.

They normally carry a pair of hand cuffs around with them daily which are put around the prisoners wrists which stop them from using their hands or wrists to fight back. A baton is a stick used as a weapon by an officer to use during violent situations along with pepper spray which causes severe pain when it comes in contact with your eyes. Tasers are weapons that produce a strong electric current that police shoot at people to stop them from being violent or running away