S ubject Outline

Subject Name : Financial Institutions and Markets

Subject Code: BX2032 .

Study Period: SP 5 2 , 201 7

Study Mode: Internal

Campus: Singapore

Subject Coordinator: M r Richard Kent

Subject Lecturer : D r T Y Thong

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This subject outline has been prepared by Dr Ray McNamara for the College of Business, Law and Governance , Division of Tropical Environments and Societies , James Cook University. Updated DATE \@ "d MMMM yyyy" \* MERGEFORMAT 14 July 2017 .
Q1. This subject is offered across more than one campus and/or mode and/or teaching period within the one calendar year .
Q2. If yes [Q1], the design of all offerings of this subject ensure the same learning outcomes and assessment types and weighting s .
Q3. If no [Q2], _________________________ has authorised any variations , in terms of equivalence .

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TOC \h \z \t "Head 1,1,Head 2,2" Section 1. Subject at a Glance PAGEREF _Toc398277663 \h 4
1.1 Staff contact details PAGEREF _Toc398277664 \h 4
1.2 Student participation requirements PAGEREF _Toc398277665 \h 4
1.3 Key dates PAGEREF _Toc398277666 \h 5
Section 2. Subject Details PAGEREF _Toc398277667 \h 5
2.1 Subject description PAGEREF _Toc398277668 \h 5
2.2 Subject and course learning outcomes PAGEREF _Toc398277669 \h 5
2.3 Learning and teaching in this subject PAGEREF _Toc398277670 \h 6
2.4 Student feedback on subject PAGEREF _Toc398277671 \h 6
2.5 Subject resources and special requirements PAGEREF _Toc398277672 \h 6
Section 3. Assessment Details PAGEREF _Toc398277673 \h 7
3.1 Requirements for completion of subject PAGEREF _Toc398277674 \h 7
3.2 Feedback on student learning PAGEREF _Toc398277676 \h 7
3.3 Assessment Tasks PAGEREF _Toc398277677 \h 7
Section 4. Other Information about Assessment and Student Support PAGEREF _Toc398277678 \h 10
4.1 Submission and return of assessment PAGEREF _Toc398277679 \h 10
4.2 Plagiarism and referencing PAGEREF _Toc398277680 \h 10
4.3 Important advice relating to examinations PAGEREF _Toc398277681 \h 10
4.4 Student support PAGEREF _Toc398277682 \h 10
Section 5. Subject Calendar PAGEREF _Toc398277683 \h 12
Section 6. Assessment Criteria Sheets (Rubric) PAGEREF _Toc398277684 \h 12

Section 1. Subject at a Glance
The following summary provides a quick reference to the most important aspects of this subject. Please ensure that you have read the entire subject guide in full.
1.1 Staff contact details
The following staff members are responsible for the preparation or delivery of this subject. Please contact the relevant staff member if you have any concerns during the study period.

Teaching team
Staff member
Consultation times*
Subject Coordinator
Mr Richard Kent

[email protected]

Dr T Y Thong
+65 6709 3725
[email protected]
By appointment
Dr T Y Thong
+65 6709 3725
[email protected]

*Other consultation times by appointment only. # other contact modes - Skype address

1.2 Student participation requirements
The JCU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy (4.3) indicates that, "a 3 credit point subject will require a 130 hour work load of study-related participation (including class attendance) over the duration of the study period, irrespective of mode of delivery". This work load comprises timetabled hours and other attendance requirements, as well as personal study hours, including completion of assessment requirements. Note that "attendance at specified classes may be a mandatory requirement for satisfactory completion of some subjects" (Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy, 5.9); and that additional hours may be required per week for those students in need of English language, numeracy or other learning support.
For external mode, there will be a minimum of four (4) online tutorial sessions for this subject. These will be conducted using ‘Collaborate' in LearnJCU. It is highly recommended that you attend these sessions. How these sessions are run is largely dependent upon the attendance and participation of external students. The content of these sessions will focus on the questions selected by the subject coordinator and any other problems students may be facing. Potential, dates, times and class activities will be discussed via the LearnJCU bulletin board once semester commences & prior to