Roy Schender
The American colonies revolted against the British for a lot of reasons.
America had some characteristics that made it very different from England. One would be that American had no privileged social classes like Britain. Another difference is that America had more religious diversity than Britain. Last would be that America had no urban development compared to Britain.
The British imposed a lot of taxes and acts that would anger the Americans. Like the Currency act which made it so colonist had to pay using British currency for all taxes and debts. Another act that made the Americans mad was the quartering act. Which allowed British soldiers to occupy buildings and be provides with necessities. Last was the stamp act which made it so all things made of paper would be taxed.
The Americans also had a lot of grievances against the king. Like cutting off the colonies ability to trade with other nations. Another would be for putting taxes on them without them having a say. Last was he got rid of colonial legislatures because they were disobeying orders.
Those are some of the reasons why the American colonies revolted against the British.