Alexandra Swim
AP Gov

1. George Washington has many qualities and experiences that would come to help him as the leader of the Continental Army. Physically, he was very built, six foot two and weighing one hundred seventy-five pounds, with developed muscles and wide shoulders. For a soldier, this is the perfect build. Also, his experiences in the beginning of his military career would go on to help him lead the Continental Army. He experienced failures, which is key to knowing what is really effective and in keeping one humble. Among the many battles he led, he was able to hone his skills of critical thinking and mathematics, which prepared him to lead an entire army.
2. After being in England for ten years, a lot has changed in the colonies. When Ben Franklin returns, he may have to deal with the consequences of his people deeming him a traitor, as he appointed tax collectors during the Stamp Act since he was completely oblivious to the protesting in the colonies.
3. John Adams seems qualified to be a lawyer and peacekeeper in the upcoming rebellion. Adams believes in a fair trial for everyone, meaning he would even represent the “other side” (Redcoats) if he deemed it necessary.

Part One: The Right and the Power
Chapter 1
1. By telling the story of the Boston Massacre through the eyes of a British soldier, we are able to see the event through a perspective we’ve never seen before. As Americans, we only hear the event portrayed from the colonist perspective. Hearing it from the British perspective makes you realize that everything that happened during the time was not all Great Britain’s doing, some of it really was the pressure applied from the colonists.
2. The fact that the Boston Massacre was one of the events used to rally the colonists to rebel against British rule is ironic because the Boston Massacre did nothing but cause disorder. The British troops were there to keep the peace, and the colonists caused disorder, in turn getting some of them killed. From there, Parliament struck down their rule even harder.
Chapter 2
1. Even though Captain Preston is a British soldier, because of John Adams’ belief in the importance of law as being necessary for a civilized society, he decides to provide counsel for the captain. When asked to provide counsel, he replies, “If this man claims to be innocent, he is entitled, under the law and under the judgment of God, to be heard. He is entitled to an examination of the facts and the evidence. He is entitled to a fair hearing.” (Page 19, Paragraph 12)
2. Sam Adams believes that the Boston Massacre was necessary because the citizens of the colonies have become nothing but servants to Parliament and the English. They are subject to the abuses of the law and Parliament does nothing about it. The Boston Massacre enraged the people, causing them to finally begin to stand and speak.
3. Both John and Sam Adams will both be key when it comes to uniting the colonies. They both served as delegates at the Continental Congress, and John Adams was part of the writing of our Declaration of Independence. Sam Adams is also the well-known leader of the Sons of Liberty, the one to always speak out against everything the British government does.
Chapters 3-5
1. The governors of the time were given their position by the King of England. This could become a problem for the colonists because they would rather self-elect so they can have some say in what happens in their home. England is thousands of miles away, trying to control and know what’s best for the colonies, which is simply impossible, while the governor is placed with the royal task of trying to abide by the Parliament’s laws but hear what the people of the colonies have to say.
2. After his conversations with Dr. Johnson, Franklin realizes that the English believe that the colonies have to abide by the English laws. They believe Americans are a primitive people who have to kneel to them, while they are the ones who have allowed them to peel away and form their own culture and identity. They think they have the ultimate right to do with the colonies as they please.
3. It is important to Adams that Preston receives a fair trial because he believes that God has