Rise of Hitler source study

Source 1

A 1924 right-wing German political cartoon showing Philipp Scheidemann , the German Social Democratic politician who proclaimed the Weimar Republic and was its second Chancellor, and Matthias Erzberger , an anti-war politician from the Centre Party, who signed the armistice with the Allies, as stabbing the German Army in the back

Source 2

"The older section of the middle class, comprising artisans, small retailers and peasant farmers, formed the core of the support for Hitler, and were showing support for him before the Depression; theirs was a disillusionment with the structure and policies of the Republic itself. To these was subsequently added the weight of much of the new middle class- the non-manual employees, civil servants and teachers- who aligned themselves with Nazism as a direct result of the Depression.
Stephen Lee, historian

Using s ource one, explain how some German s view ed the Weimar Republic . 5 marks

Using the sources and your own knowledge, examine reasons why some Germans believed the Weimar government had ‘stabbed them in the back'. 10 marks

Using the sources and your own knowledge, analyse reasons why Germans supported Hitler . 10 marks