Somebody who can be organized, responsible, and committed should fill the Secretary position, I believe that I can be that person. Other than having the qualities listed above, I can be very direct and outspoken when I need to address important things, which can come in handy in the organization. I am best fit for this position because I have had a similar experience to a secretary's job in previous years. I have been the manager for Park View swim team since sophomore year and I have had to arrange schedules and make sure everyone does their job. Any officer of RHO KAPPA should definitely be able to balance their schoolwork, extracurricular activities, club activities, and personal life and still be able to complete their task as an officer. I can do that because I am, currently, involved in many school activities such as SCA, Student Power, NHS, NAHS and Global Ambassadors, as well as keeping up good grades in my classes and my job as a server at the same time. Being RHO KAPPA's Secretary is one of the opportunities that I have always wanted because it can give me the experience necessary for college. This position can also give me a chance to improve my teamwork because the Secretary is the main connection of the organization, therefore, I have to work well with both the officers and the members. I have had opportunities to experience leadership positions throughout my high school years, for instance, I was the Treasurer for National Art Honor Society. Being RHO KAPPA's Secretary would be a great addition. I am always open to new challenges and outlets.