Research Proposal: Violence among School Children

Research Proposal: Violence among School Children
This research proposal will discuss the violence among school age children. In recent years, violence among school age children has steadily increased. School violence has been associated with bullying, violence in video games, easy access to guns, and untreated mental illness. There are several reasons that contribute to violence among children being exposed to long hours viewing media such as television, movies, and video games that glorify violent content. Guns used in many violent acts were their parents fire arms and taken from their home. Depression and isolation are some mental conditions acerbated by bullying which can cause some to use violent measures to stop the ridicule. Some violent acts could be prevented if more adults would heed the warning signs that most perpetrators display before any action is taken.
Literature Review
The project proposed by Team A wants to determine reasons for the violence among the youth in schools over America. Some hints that a child potentially could be witnessing or participating in any violence could be explained with unexcused absences from school and lower grade point averages than classmates. These children can also result in punishments, including detention, suspension, or even expelled from school because of the violence. Those who witness violence of any kind at home can also can be risk of bringing violence into the school; according to research from the Journal of Pediatrics ?the strongest of these associations were among children who experience the most severe forms e.g., victimization-perpetration and weapons-related violence? (Ramirez, 2012). Some children have psychological or mental illnesses. Those who go untreated have a higher risk of participating in trouble or violence at school because they are not educated on how to treat their problem; yet it must be understood that cannot be an excuse for any action. Children using illegal drugs and alcohol underage could also be at risk because they are under the influence. ?Substance abuse and a major affective disorder have been shown to significantly increase the chances of perpetrating a violent act? (Burns, 2001). The findings in most studies, including the Journal of Pediatrics explain ?weapons-related violence leads to anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder among youth? (Ramirez, 2012). A parent can keep a close eye on his or her child?s behavior and note any differences. Teachers are encouraged to do the same as they can inform the proper people to help the student. The efforts to be ?cool? and to ?fit in? may affect a child?s judgment. They may crumble under peer pressure and the influences of others, and it can get a child into trouble.
Ethical Considerations
Although human services workers are conducting research on Violence among School Children and the death rate on children, ethical considerations must be determine in the design of the research project. There are steps to follow in the ethical code, which researchers are required to learn and understand the ethical issues of the experiment or project. Researchers must determine how to demonstrate numerous measures to avoid ethical issues from happening in his or her studies. Ethical issues that could occur during Team A?s research could include angry parents, invading family privacy, conducting gang related research or issues, researching the participants medical history, and misrepresenting the findings of the study. As researchers, Team A responsibility should be directed to the ethical code, which require Team A to avoid these ethical issues by implementing an assortment of ethical precautions, such as introducing an informed consent protocol, and ensuring confidentiality for the participants, and the research data.
This proposal requires the full attention or participation from Law Enforcement Officers, schoolteachers, administration, and family members who has lost a son or daughter by the hands of a gunman. It also requires the full participation and attention from individuals who has been hurt by the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Gaining access to children for the purpose of research requires dealing with multiple people and getting informed consent from his or her parents or legal guardians (Coyne, 1998). Team A members would need to ensure appreciate documents is sent home to parents such as letters of consent, permission to interview or videotape family members at home, and students. Also, the appropriate Law Enforcement agencies are interview before any information is gathered or any research is conducted.
Survey Design
The groups of individual for this study will be the parents of the