Research methods

Scientific inquiry feres to a standardized way:
Mking observations
Gathering data
Forming theories
Testing predict
Interpret results

Correlation and causation
Always confused in health and behavior science
Correlation does not imply causation
-smoking is correlated with alcohol use
causation implies correlation
-smoking causes lung cancer
the relationship between tjankgs rgar happen or change togetherthe state or relation of being correlated specifically a relation exis*******

the act or process of cause something to happen or exist
the relationship between an event or situation and a possible reason or cause

4 ways to explore correlation
replicable can it be repeated besides from u
falsifiable if my hypothesis can be proven wrong
precise clear and concise
parsimonious stingy, have the simpliest explanantion possible

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gun control
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The qiz questions are midterms questions

Choose an area of interest and an area of inquiry
State the prevalence and importance
-why do we care? About ur unanswered question
Mental health/deaths/impact on society of family
Future based issue
How has it been dealth with in the past
-what is the common answer to the problem
why has it not been effective or remains unswered?
Main focus- possible solution/ alternative method
What is the possibility of approaching it this way