Since video game addiction is a common thing in our society nowadays, my partner and I decided to choose it as our topic, research about it and present it to the class. Our aim for this project was to research about video game addiction and find out everything there is to know about video game addiction. In this report I will be explaining what I have researched and I have found out about video game addiction.
I started off by researching what video game addiction is . Video game addiction is when one plays excessive or compulsive amount of video games, which interferes with the person\'s everyday life. Video game addiction is common amongst teenagers nowadays as gaming technologies has became highly advanced and more fun and interesting games are being developed.
I then went on about why people become addicted to video games.
SLIDE 5 (RIFAI) One of the main reasons that video games can get addictive is because its design that way to get you overly attached . Video games designers, like anyone else trying to make a profit are always looking for ways to get more people to play their games . They accomplish this by making a game just challenging enough to keep you coming back for more but not so hard that the player finally gives up
One of our research methods was surveying Students at Langford Islamic college ages 13-18. We surveyed 20 students in total. SURVEY QUESTIONS:
1) How many hours do you spend playing games per week?  2) Since when did you start playing games?  3) Do you spend all your spare time playing games 4) As a gamer what makes you so attached to games?  5) How do you or how can you control yourself from playing too much?  6) Are you trying to minimize you\'re playing time?  7) What can you or what do you do to minimize your game time?