Name: loui.O
Teacher: Samah Zakak
Subject: art

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, "Self-Portrait"1658

Cultural contexts of the selected piece:
In the 16th century, Amsterdam experienced unprecedented growth and affluence. The city developed into a metropolis in just a few years, becoming the world’s staple market. This self-portrait show us both sides of the culture the first side it show that Amsterdam is an advanced city that values art and full of rich people and materials from his clothes .but at the same time when Rembrandt draw this picture he was showing the face which is blurred and scarred by time, by sorrows, and by illness. Yet Rembrandt was only fifty-two in 1658 when he signed and dated this portrait. He was also a small man, but he portrayed his figure in powerfull and big dimension . It is almost as though he decided to pack his entire life into this image of himself, both what had gone before, and what lay ahead.

References :
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