Religion has always played an important role in my family from generation to generation. I am catholic and I consider that my religion has been forming me. Through it, God has been speaking to me, making who I am, who I can be, and who I will be. While practicing Catholicism, I do my part as believer and as a community member since I volunteer in the church after I finished my religious responsibilities and thus live different experiences that in a future will be, somehow, beneficial for me.
Every Sunday after mass, I volunteer in the religious education office, my task is miscellaneous since I do what is needed; the most regular tasks I do are very simple, for instance, I make copies, take attendance, ring the bell, pass out the weekly bulletin or any important message to all children; however there are challenging activities as well, replacing a catechist, or participate in evaluations of children who are on the way to receive sacraments such as communion and confirmation, are some of them.
Even though I donít get paid economically, I get paid morally, considering that whilst I do my effort to help my community, I achieve qualities that altogether shape a leader; ability to delegate and inspire, have a positive attitude, communication, intuition and creativity, are some of them. Every Sunday, I keep gaining and strongly developing these characteristics, given the fact that the president of religious education cedes me the opportunity to be the leader of the team that verifies every classroom is doing well.
Volunteering in the Religious Education Office as a server, and also as a leader, it has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever lived. I hope keep doing it, for whilst I do the effort to help my community, and even I donít get paid economically, through time, I have been able to achieve qualities, which altogether shape a leader.

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