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Home work : Refection for negation skill
In previous week I was meeting with my employee to negotiation his offer. The negotiation skills is importance for manager. Negotiation is generally thought to be a compromise which is aimed at benefiting our interests as much as possible. It therefore is often associated with conflict resolution within organisations and occurs 'when people with differing needs or goals are prevented - or perceived that they are being prevented - by others in achieving these needs or goals' (Browaeys and Price 2008, p301). Before, I was meeting with my employees. I had preparation which is collecting relevant information, which includes issues comprising the outer and inner context of the case (Watson and Reissner 2014).when I was started, I had feel make him comfortably and confidence by having a liitle friendly conversation like tell with him “ How is your day ? “ and reserved praise for him about very well placement and very hard working .
The bargaining was extremely challenging for me. I too have learned from the bargain, as it has taught me the importance of acting assertively with employees. If something is important, then sure, fight for it. But don't haggle over every little thing, just to show that you can. "Fighting to get just a bit more can rub people the wrong way," Malhotra( 2014) writes. Cornelius, N (2002) argues that giving and receiving counter-offers in this way gradually narrows the range of likely settlement points to a settlement point which is acceptable to both parties. Furthermore, Summarizing tentative agreements helps slow the pace of negotiation, and can provide space and therefore thinking time for negotiators(Thorn,2001). However, As the bargaining process moves forward it may be useful to call “adjournments”( Cornelius,2002), which allows you to check back that you are achieving what you want out of the negotiations and, more importantly, that the likely settlement point remains within your bargaining arena and above the bottom line set at the preparation stage.
On the other hand, I always confident about listening skill is my strong point because that 90% of the respondents in the same strongly believed the statement “negotiations use active listening skill to establish a good rapport and trust while implementing strategies “ (Micheal ,2012).I made my employees was confortable .However, I had some mistakes about the effect of the time. Because time is probably one of the most underrated variable in negotiation (Fowler, A 1996). The control of time and tinning strongly influences the climate for negotiation. Timing has also received attention in lecture on negotiation (Lewicki & Litterer, 1985).Last but not least, Personally I think conciliatory tone of me have some problems about language because English is my second languages. This was barrier when I had negotiation with my employees. Research by Henderson (1989) claim that some expressions account for more than half of a total impression, yet believed that vocal tone can represent as much as 38%. Psychotherapists use voice characteristic including pauses, vocal tone, and pitch to determine some personality or behavior trait such as introversion, extroversion, anxiety , intelligent and leadership potential (Fowler, A 1996).
Looking back on this negotiation exercise, I can see that I can improve more skills and knowledge from my mistakes . I will improve conciliatory tone and language Which is important for manager. Furthermore, I should increases my strength in order to decreases my mistakes When I had negotiation with employees.
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