ESOL 0372
Book Reading Exercise (BRE) #2
Reading changed my life
Daisy Russel spent her unfortunate childhood a violent father, a gold seeker. Her family often had to move all over the country looking for the pot of gold. There fore, between first and sixth grades, Daisy attended seventeen different schools. As a result, it affects alot on her education. Her father considered girls donít need education and. When Daisy was about a year old, if her mother didnít stop him, he tried to give Daisy away. Daisy was beaten by her father all the time. Further more , an uncle had been sexually abusing her. In school, she was too frightened to tell her teachers about anything, she tried to make her self quiter and quiter. Until one day, her mother took her run way. Daisy was finally free of her father. But the beatings from him had damaged her spirit. School became a nightmare with her. She felt herself stupid and worthless at school. By chance, when she was about 18, a lady gave her a copy of magazine. It took her months to read it. But she tried hard enough and discovered a burning desire to learn to read. It wasnít too late for her. By reading more and more books, she tried to change her life. Until now, she become a happy and successful woman.
There is a lot of research about the benefits of reading, itís not only give us knowledge but also helps us overcome the stress and sleep better. Look at Daisy Russelí s story, although she spent her childhood with violence and abussing from her father, and her spirit was damaged. But when she start to read her first book, it helped to comfort her soul, and take away her nightmares. I think the most important thing that change her life is not only reading, but also is her persistance. She was not good at school but she wasnít give up. she tried to read even though itís not easy. And thatís what I have to study from Daisy Russel