Mr. Raymond
Raymond’s Run
27 January 2016

In the story Raymond’s run written by Toni Cade Bambara the main characters are in a conflict of who is better and who is faster in running races. The characters where in a competition that began the conflict in the story. Through the dialog between the main characters (Squeaky and Gretchen) the conflict was created, the conflict was solved when Squeaky won the Town race by her reaction from her brother’s behavior in the end of the race and by showing that she changed her opinion about her brother Raymond.

The main character Squeaky is a very fast running girl, she is the fastest in her town ,when Squeaky was in kinder garden she participated in a 20-yards race and she always came first but now she grow-up and the race is now 50-yards and there is an upcoming Town race that many people will join in. Squeaky decided to join the race and her goal was to get the first place in the race, she was also very confident that she will win. The older ones call her Mercury because she is different than the other girls because she hates the may pole and she doesn’t dress like the other girls and because she is fast.
Gretchen is Squeaky’s rival and enemy because Gretchen friend was Squeaky’s old best friend. The dialog that happened in the story was when Squeaky was going on her way to sign in for the Town race and on her way she passed by Gretchen and her friends but then Gretchen stops and starts talking directly to Raymond. Raymond is Squeaky’s big brother but the problem is that he is not very natural and he does not act In a natural way he also has a very big head, Squeaky is sometime shy of some of his action so she says that he is her smaller brother and Squeaky has to take care of him and he is her full responsibility. When Gretchen was talking to Raymond she first asked him “how are you now Raymond?” then he felt offended so Squeaky quickly replied and said “You have anything to say, say it to me”, then Gretchen looked at her and said to her in an offal way “who cares anyway you will not win the race” and then Squeaky started the argument and Gretchen friend Squeaky’s old friend was defending Gretchen and that made Squeaky angrier so Squeaky challenged Gretchen and told her let’s see who will win the race and that was how Squeaky challenged Gretchen. This was the most important dialog in the story because the conflict is based on this dialog.
The action is what happened in the conflict and it was also the result of the town race and the challenge that Squeaky offered to Gretchen. All that Squeaky thought about before the race began was the challenge and the first place off-course, when ever Squeaky go’s to a race before it begins she puts herself into a vision to relief the stress and pressure from her mind and put herself into the race until the gun is shot in the sky and the race begins. When the race began Squeaky toke off in very high speed and set off to the first place until Gretchen came and passed Squeaky by a little bit, then Squeaky lost hope that she will win and that she will win the challenge but not until she saw her brother Raymond running with her in the same speed and he was running fast that encouraged Squeaky to run and that also amazed her, Squeaky started running very fast and then she was in the same speed as Gretchen and then they both passed the finish line not knowing who won the race so they had to wait for the referees to decide the winner but for Squeaky winning did not matter for her because she found out a new talent which was her brother Raymond’s speed in running and she was very interested in training him to become the fastest one in the town. After a short time the referees have come with a decision of the winner and the winner was Squeaky.