R unning Title: Reflection P aper 2
Francis C Ozoigbo

Perceptual mistakes are present all around us. What we think, see, or believe about something or individual is not always correct or right. This is basically due to perceptual mistake concerning other people. The most common perceptual errors /mistakes are the fundamental attrib ution error as stated in the text book. This could be referred to as our tendency to explain others, behaviors, using internal rather than external attribution. Perceptual errors can also be biased and when our behaviors lead to failure or something negative, we always try to attribute the cause to external factors. This self - serving bias is a perceptual mistake through which we refer the cause of our success to internal personal efforts which attributing our failure to external factors that is above our control. When we view the fundamental attribution errors and the se lf -serving biased concurrently, we ascertain that we are most likely to judge ourselves more favorably than another individual.
When I was in grade 1-2, I always look at my teachers as not knowing what they are doing or not favoring me in all ratification, finding false to justify my fundamental attribution error. I felt I should be getting higher grades in the class because I presumed being sure of myself. I always thought I know what I was doing. I kept on telling my parents that my class teacher then doesn't really know what he/she was doing and also don't like me a bit. This perceptual error kept on lingering all through my grade 1 to the junior high. I found myself being more miserable as I was having different teacher for the all the grade classes I was in, but my wrong perception

Running Title: Reflection Paper 2

kept me distanced from my reality. This also led to my mother coming to school to confront my teacher. I felt so relieved after the confrontation thinking that things will change but not to avail. One faithful day, my aunt came to my house and I shared my concerns with her my perception about all the teachers I ve had encounter with. My aunt felt so bad haven heard my story promised to be monitoring my progress and the activities I do in the class. After a day or few, I had a class test and she went through and felt perturbed at my answers. She brought to my notice that day that I should be paying more attention to details and going through my work before submitting it. She made me to understand that my problem was not from the teacher but was from me because I don't cross check my work each time I have assignment, test or exams, that I need to be concentrating more on my works. I felt flabbergasted and thrown off the window because I still believe that I know what I was doing. I went to school the other week, we had a test and it was so glaring and obvious to me that my aunt was right after all because I took my time to go over my work before submitting it and behold, it turned out that I got all the answers correct and pass that test .
However, I decided from that day to change my self -serving biased perceptual mistake about teachers. I started making sure I go through all my works before submitting them and it has been helping me through out the rest of my life. Haven been aware of these common errors and perceptual mistakes, I always monitor them more and engage in perception checking.