Proverty is the state of being poor. I believe that lack of education is a sufficient cause of poverty. Without education, especially now of days it is very challenging to attain a decent paying job so that one could support their family. In certain communities, specifically urban cities such as Newark New Jersey, my home town, there is a large number of people that fail to graduate from high school, let alone attending college. We can use the method of difference on, lets say 5 people. 2 of them are poor, 1 of them are medium class and the other 2 are rich. The chart will show that education, probably high school is what the poor were missing. Also, we can do a correlational study where we see the affect that their level of education has on the poverty rate. It will most likely be a positive correlation when we notice that the less education people receive, the less money they make, which causes poverty. A positive correlation suggests a casual connection, and after this connection is established, a controlled experiment can be performed. The group of people that are controlled can be stripped of their diplomas or educational accomplishments, while another group of people, who are also high school and college graduates keep their diplomas. The experiment will consist of them applying to jobs and seeing which group of people were offered the most job opportunities. Of course we would find that the group with diplomas and credentials will be more successful in doing so. Not all people without high school or college diplomas, are incapable of living comfortably, but the lack of education definitely causes poverty. There are more poor people, who do not have the proper education to work a job that will actually make ends meet.