Prejudice is defined in the dictionary as hatred or unfair treatment of a particular group, such as members of a race or religion. Although prejudice has a definite definition in the dictionary, the novel;To Kill A Mockingbird teaches us that there are many diferent form of prejudice. In the novel, Harper Lee used many different types of prejudice such as stereotyping, racism, and segregation.
During the novel, Harper Lee uses segregation as a form of prejudice. One of the many examples of segregation was when the black people were confined to a diferent church. White people went to whites churches and balck people went to balack churches. Balck people were also segregated during the Tom Robinson trial. The balck people of the town had to sit up in the balcony while the white people sta below them. Another way the balack people were segregated form the white people was when Boo Radeley was put in the basement of the court instead of the jail beacuse black people were being held.
Throughout the novel, there were many different forms of stereotyping. Aunt Alexandria believed everyone in Maycomb had an "Incestous Streak." " Everyboby it seemed had a streak: a drinking streak, a gambling starek..."Scut recited. Aunt Alexandria is steroetying the people of Maycomb because she is judging them on their realtives beahvior. Another example of stereotyping was ehn Scout said " Wlater's one of thme Cunninghams, Miss Caroline". Scout was reffering to the poorness of Walter's family. They never take donations and everyone is suppoeds to know that.
In conclusion, the novel, To kill a Mocking Bird, shows that there are many forms of prejudice such as streotyping, racism, and segregation. There are many more types of prejudice that were used through otu the novel. Even though the dictionary provides a precise defintion of the word prejudice, Harper Lee teaches us that there are many differnet forms of prejudice.