Poor parenting revealed in mary shelley's frankenstein

Poor Parenting Revealed in Mary Shelley?s Frankenstein

Upon giving birth to a child, it is expected of the parents to teach and raise them with good morals. It is assumed that parents demonstrate both love and affection towards their infant. However, there are instances in which some parents neglect their children, which is what the main character, Victor did in the novel Frankenstein. In Mary Shelley?s novel Frankenstein, Victor demonstrates how the neglect of his creation translates into havoc and violence
of those in his life. These two aspects are caused because of the mistreatment that Victor displayed to his ?child?. He wasn?t aware of how dangerous this ?child? could come out to be since it was not raised appropriately. This led to the ?child?s? insufferable loneliness and anger.
Displaying neglect towards an infant leaves them emotionally and mentally unstable. In the novel, Victor?s neglect towards his creation, the Creature, caused his affliction. This act of disdain occurred because Victor was displeased with the appearance of his offspring. Victor calls him out on being a ?Devil? and even questions him, ?Do you dare approach me? And do you not fear the fierce vengeance of my arm wreaked on your miserable head? Begone, vile insect!? (page 68). No parent should ever behave this way towards their child. Victor traumatizes his ?child? causing a mental toll on him by calling him names and telling him to go away. The Creature believes what he is told since he sees it for himself, ?But how terrified was I, when I viewed myself in a transparent pool!? (pg 80). The Creature now seems to understand why others have shown disregard towards him. He now realizes that his neglect is because of his guise. According to article 18, ?Unwanted and Un-intended Long Term Results of Overindulging Children? by Dawson and Bredehoft, ?It is difficult to be happy unless one looks good?. This is thought out to be because of overindulgence in children, which is a form of child neglect; it was the main reason why the Creature went about creating chaos. He committed murders to get revenge on Victor because of the neglect he showed towards him and his appearance. This was a type of emotion that the Creature displayed to let out his anger on his guise. It?s believed that a person who is crestfallen with their appearance tends to have a ?low self-esteem, and a sense of shame surrounding the parent?s absence? (?Effects of Abandonment?, Wolf). Since Victor neglected his creation due to his appearance he was never there for the Creature. Showing negligence towards a child can be traumatizing. If it is not stopped, it leads to unnecessary repercussions and is the easy way out towards abandonment.
When a child encounters abandonment, the outcome will be negative because they did not receive the necessary love and affection from their parent. The child will be in a state of desolation and question their abandonment. Due to Victor?s forsaking of the Creature, leads to the Creature questioning him, ?Have I not suffered enough, that you seek to increase my misery? I was benevolent and good; misery made me a fiend? (pgs. 68-69). The Creature appears to be miserable because he was left derelict. This question is an effect from child abandonment, it
?Left the Creature with lingering question about his self worth? (Effects of Abandonment in Children by Jennifer Wolfe). He cannot understand why his ?parent? would want to make him suffer more than he already has. The Creature was an altruistic being before, but because of his abandonment it caused him to undergo this state of misery. When helping a child to cope with abandonment it is advised to, ?Reassure the child that they did not do anything to cause their parent to leave? (Coping with the Effects of Child Abandonment by Stacy Hensley). In this case, Victor did not demonstrate this action towards the Creature. The Creature is aware that his abandonment is because of his appearance, which is what ignited Victor to forsake him. Due to Victor?s carelessness of the Creature it created a negative impact on him along with a lack of love and affection. These components were an addition to his misery.
A person who has poor parenting skills often transmits this quality to their offspring. There may be certain circumstances that the offspring experiences that can cause them