Point of Views
Briana Thomas
University of Phoenix

Should the death penalty be allowed or is this unethical punishment? This discussion is one of the controversial topics to discuss. Many people are for the death penalty as where others are totally against it. One source even states that "the death penalty does not deter crime. Countless studies prove this. In fact, executions may cause the murder rate to rise." With that being said I think they mean even that the death penalty is in effect it doesn't stop the Americans from committing murder. This article says that we should not end the death penalty as well. In this article it states "our system does make mistakes, it is not immune from discrimination, and it necessarily relies on human testimony and human judgment. When a prisoner is sentenced to life without parole - the penalty for first degree murder in Massachusetts - an error can be corrected. But one cannot raise the dead." I can see exactly where the author is coming from because some innocent people are killed due to another person's word.
One of the articles I found in the University Library, and it was very credible. The credibility of the article was based upon the author. The author of the first article was the Boston Globe. This author has gained credibility over the years since 1872. This newspaper is published in Boston but can be read any and everywhere. When you are dealing with a major newspaper company you automatically know that the article is credible, because they do not want to publish any false topics. This article is also credible because they go out and take ballots of how random people feel about the death penalty.
The second article I found was on the internet. This article discussed the pros and cons of the death penalty. Some reasons why the death penalty is given are because it is less costly than housing a inmate with a life sentence. They also feel that if the death penalty is cut then the crime rate will increase. They feel the same way as the first article that innocent people are falsely accused. I am not so sure if this article is credible because it's a blog and everyone can come and write anything and not be true.
The second article was more persuasive because it gave you a list of the pros and cons of the death penalty. It broke it down so everyone could understand it. I am a firm believer of the death penalty especially when the crimes are brutal and when the criminals continually commits crimes against elderly and children. I feel that if you do the time you should do the time. I also feel that the death penalty provides justice and some closures to the victim's family. Although it doesn't bring the person back to life, it's kind of like sweet revenge. The death penalty prevents the inmate from re-offending of released from prison. My opinion has not changed much since reading each articles, due to the fact I understand the reasoning because the death penalty. I would have to found out how when someone commits murder and they are released from prison, and they begin to change their life for the better for me to change my opinion.

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