Player : Colonel Stas Preczewski ------ coach
Varsity , Ju nior Varsity
1, promote the whole JV team to the Varsity boat for this race
2,switch a small number of individual members of the two boats
3,intervene to improve the performance of the Varsity team

Why does the Varsity team lose to the JV team?
Rowing is teamwork sports - require the coordination and cooperation among teammembers
Varsity --- top8 players ( excellent techniques, strength and conditioning )--- cant function well as a team ( the whole less than the sum of parts)
Reasons: don't have a leader (coordination gain trust and repect,moral )
Several team disrupter , self-centered, focus on individual success instead of shared goal.
Poor relationship with each other, blame each other instead of working together to solve the problem.
Poor communication, aware of the problem (Jim personality) never communicate
High stressed, top players—higher expection . Affect their emotions and performance,( stimulate hidden anxiety emotion aggressive)

What should coach P have done differently earlier in the season to resolve this problem? At exactly what point should he have intervened differently? Why?
Emphasize the importance of teamwork trust respect and a shared goal
Individual strength is useless function well as a team
Respect to each other, communication - avoid critique balme each other
Not forcus on individual success , work as a team to achieve a shared goal
After being beated by junior, coach need to talk about their feeling and thoughts. Release the pressure. Seen as a good chance to discover their weakness
At the end of the case, what action should coach P take on Tuesday? Why do you recommend this action? How should he implement this action?
promote the whole JV team to the Varsity boat for this race
only 4 days left before the national race (time is tight)
coordination among team members is cultivated through long time practice
cant switch individual members, it will need time for them to familiar with new teammates which can affect performance,JV doesn't wanted to be switch
unable to solve the problem of coordination among varsity team within short time take time to rebuild team structure
cornell coach similar situation witch teams --- good score
What lessons can managers learn from The Army Crew Team for managing teams in business organizations?
Communicate in time to learn about the mental state of teammembers
Build trust and respect among team members and emphase the importance of coordination whatever is the key success factors
Let team members understand that they shouldn't only focus on individual success but consider how to function as team and reach their full potential.
Stay close with your team and pay attention to the performance of every members. Deal with the problems as soon as possible when you are aware of them before it develops into a bigger issue
(Jim personality intense relationship among the varsity team)